Stringent Quality Control

Based on the state-of-the-art labs and facilities, DASHMILE implements the most strict and full-aspect tests to products, which produced with FDA and RoHS certified raw materials.
DASHMILE continues to invest in Research & Development and strive to enhance its products' safety for a better customer experience.

Upgraded Safety

DASHMILE is always proud to deliver topnotch vaping experience. This time, DASHMILE upgraded the material of new cartridge's core component's to medical-grade 304 stainless steel. Medical-grade 304 stainless steel is commonly used in medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment and food processing due to its excellent corrosion resistance feature. So no matter at home or on the move, you can now relax and enjoy vaping worry-free even more than before.

Safety is 1st Priority

Safety is the 1st priority of DASHMILE. We utilize advanced technology and reliable materials to create excellent products that all pass safety tests like heavy metals, so as to bring healthier options to the vaping community. Test results show DASHMILE's new upgraded cartridges have significantly outperformed California and Michigan's regulatory standard's requirements1 when used with various oils2.

1. Heavy Metal Standard.

2. Upgraded products have been tested and certified by a Southern California's Licensed Laboratory for Certificate for Analysis.

Battery Safety

DASHMILE's high-quality batteries have undergone various strict safety and stability tests including capacity test, short circuit test, impact test, extrusion test, and heating test. In addition, DASHMILE products that contain batteries, in compliance with UN38.3, PI967 and SP188, meet different safety requirements for transportation of lithium batteries, guaranteeing safer products for diversified shipment options. Produced with FDA-approved high quality materials under extremely rigorous safety control, DASHMILE products have obtained safety certificates from authoritative quality systems, such as FDA, RoHs, FCC, CE, UL.